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Diusai Jhap Jhap, Coke le Up

The everyday afternoon slump often makes us miss the most exciting moments of our life. But not anymore. With the uplifting taste of Coca-Cola, turn up your energy, turn up your mood, turn up your rhythm, turn up your day! Go Ahead, Grab that Chilled Coke And OWN those moments!

Sprite Lagaun, Pyaas Bujhau!

The refreshing Sprite helped Anmol deal with the scorching heat in style. Sprite Lagaun, Pyaas Bujhau!


Bottlers Nepal Limited joined hands with Nepal Government, Nepal Army, Civil Society and Corporate Partners for one of the largest campaigns to Clean our Pride, Mt Everest. The aim of the initiative is to retrieve waste from Mt. Everest, which we hope will pave the way for keeping the mountains pristine.