Diusai Jhap Jhap, Coke le Up

The everyday afternoon slump often makes us miss the most exciting moments of our life. But not anymore. With the uplifting taste of Coca-Cola, turn up your energy, turn up your mood, turn up your rhythm, turn up your day! Go Ahead, Grab that Chilled Coke And OWN those moments!

Khana Je Hola, Swad Badhauna Coca-Cola

When a group of friends are having regular food and Coca-Cola joins in on the table, the group turns into a squad and the simple food turns into a celebration over a meal!

Coca-Cola 250 ML

Coca-Cola launched a new 250 ml pack named ‘Jigri’, which is portable, easy to carry, and offers great drinking experience to consumers all across Nepal. This pack is made using the latest innovation and Bottlers Nepal ltd.  is now amongst the first 3 countries worldwide to have this state of art technology capability.  In addition to being consumer friendly, Jigri pack is environment friendly as well, it’s a ultra light bottle, and is recyclable as other PET bottles. Coca-Cola is leveraging this technology to offer beverages in a portable, re-sealable, lightweight and shatter-resistant bottle.